There are words everywhere! And, generally speaking, words are written by writers.

That means there are writers everywhere – making a living from every scrap of media that’s pushed into your perceptive little peepers or your always open ears.

From epic Hollywood monologues to NHS flu jab pamphlets, words and their writers are working hard and making money.

This is a blog for the aspiring career writer.

It’s one thing to type 40,000 words, stick them in your desk drawer and dream of what could be, but to write 100 words and actually get paid for them is another thing entirely.

This is a blog that assumes you’re pretty tasty with the alphabet already.

It’s a blog that recognises the world of writing goes beyond the book store, that there are fantastic writers making a name for themselves in radio, TV, advertising, video games, theatre, even on Twitter.

And these days, thanks to the internet, writers are selling their words directly to readers with more reach than ever before.

There are loads of sites out there that can tell you how to write, but Hemingway, Palahniuk and Bukowski all broke the rules.

What you need is advice about how to get your words seen and heard. More importantly, you need it from people who have done it.

My aim is to hassle successful writers in every medium for stories, tips and guidance you can use.

This blog recognises that there’s more to writing than prose on paper.


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