‘How Twitter helped me sell hundreds of thousands of books’

Claude Bouchard has almost half a million Twitter followers – but it’s what he does with them that has made the platform a crucial contributor to his book sales.

And we’re not talking about flogging a handful of e-books over the course of a few weeks here. The world of social media has thrown up a number of big opportunities for Bouchard, some of which have contributed to hundreds of thousands of sales.

The first of his Vigilante series (which is now made up of eight books in total) was part of a ‘book bundle’ along with works from fellow writers. The bundle, 9 Killer Thrillers, has sold almost 200 thousand copies in just over half a year – not too shabby.

It’s getting involved with such creative projects that has made social networking so valuable to Bouchard. For him, it’s not necessarily a platform for promotion (despite his massive audience) it’s a conduit for new relationships.

“Through Twitter, I’ve met thousands of readers, writers, bloggers and interviewers, many who have subsequently helped me with my marketing with reviews, cross-promoting efforts and interviews,” Bouchard explains. “I tweet little about my books, perhaps a couple of times per day. Instead, I tweet about other writers’ works and, more importantly, I chat with people, answer questions, joke around and make inane comments.”

Think about recreating the Twitter dynamic in a room full of people, perhaps at a conference or a party. You wouldn’t walk through the crowd shoving a book and a credit card machine in all of those vaguely familiar faces, but strike up conversation and you’re likely to make a few friends and perhaps even future business partners.

“Specific examples of marketing opportunities which arose from social media networking include participation in two group book launches and the inclusion of two of my novels in two distinct book bundles,” Bouchard adds. “The first, 9 Killer Thrillers, has sold some 170,000 copies since October 2013, and the second, 9 More Killer Thrillers, made the USA Today Best-Sellers list a week after its release in mid-March this year.”

You can read more about Claude Bouchard and his work at claudebouchardbooks.com or follow him on Twitter @ceebee308 . Who knows where it might lead?


2 Comments on “‘How Twitter helped me sell hundreds of thousands of books’”

  1. Thanks for a great article, Tom! Much appreciated. 🙂

  2. Tom Pakinkis says:

    Thanks for the great interview Claude! The full thing will go up soon.

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