38 reasons why your screenplay will get rejected

Ever wanted to know what’s going through the mind of a big-shot script reader? Well, this new infographic may be the most useful thing to have landed on your screen since Google.

It’s basically a cross-section of 300 scripts read by a ‘top’ but anonymous gatekeeper to silver screen writing fame. It covers everything from the most common genres, to the average page length and even where most stories were set geographically.

Perhaps the most important stat is that, of the 300 total scripts, only eight were passed on to studios as ‘recommended’, 89 were stamped with ‘consider’ and 203 were all but rejected.

So where did most of the submissions go wrong? 69 out of the 300 were deemed to have a story that “begins too late in the script”.

“The script spins its wheels,” the reader explained. “The narrative finally gains some traction after the halfway point. Often it’s not even clear what kind of story it is until the middle of the second act”.

I’ve stuck the Top 9 (because 10 would be spoiling you) recurring problems below – hit this link for the rest.

This is why your screenplay fails


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