Want to be a copywriter? Enlist with an agency (and 4 other tips)

IdeasTap (which is a great site by the way, check it out, I won’t be offended) has put together a handful of tips for the aspiring corporate copywriter. And a decent handful it is too.

One piece of advice it gives is to enlist with a marketing agency, some of which commission freelance copywriters from project to project. Being on their books is a great position to be in because, as freelance copywriter Julian Abel tells IdeasTap, once you’re in favour with an established company with a client base, the work will come to you.

“80% of my work comes from agencies,” says Abel.

How do you get a marketing agency to take you on as a freelance copywriter? “Emailing samples of your work, or a link to a blog/portfolio, stands you out from the crowd of introductory emails”, says Chris Brown, who runs the content team at digital marketing agency Upstream. “Networking is also key: “Approaching people directly via social media, in person, or at a marketing event often gets the best result.”

Skip over to IdeasTap for a few more hints (four to be precise) about how to get into copywriting and how to keep clients once you’re there. Just remember to come back when you’re done.


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