How new! magazine editor Lebby Eyres got started

‘Hot’ celeb interviews, fashion freebies in the post; it’s no wonder the life of a women’s lifestyle journo is sought after by so many.

The stresses of putting together a magazine aside, writing about glamour for a living does seem awfully glamorous, doesn’t it?

But how on earth do you go about scoring a job at one of the UK’s top glossies? Lebby Eyres is the editor of new! magazine and, luckily for us, she’s detailed her route in for in an interview that’s well worth a read once you’ve absorbed the below like a square of career Kleenex (other brands are available):

“When I left Uni I actually started in book publishing. I worked on a sports and fitness guide reviewing gyms. The company I worked for eventually turned into

“I was a TEFL teacher for a couple of years in Spain, and then when I came back I worked in television as a researcher on a programme for people with disabilities – that was great for true life experience, finding good contributors and interesting case studies.

“From there I moved into contract publishing, and that’s when I started focusing on showbiz, TV and film. I worked on magazines for satellite TV companies, and was deputy editor and then editor for Home Choice magazine, which was an early video-on-demand service that has since been eclipsed by Sky+!

“I then went freelance for a couple of years to get more experience on newsstand publications, writing true life stories and doing shift work – and that’s how I ended up at new! I was shifting on the magazine off and on for about a year, then there was an opening. I was assistant editor, then deputy editor, and now editor.”


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