‘Getting the right voice is the key to copywriting’

Copywriting. Writing copy. Simple?

Every now and then I have a crisis of confidence as a writer because my trade is something that everyone can do to an extent. That makes it just that little bit harder to sell.

Thankfully, while everyone can write copy and a fair few people can write good copy, few can write great copy. The kind of copy that pays the bills.

Patricia Carswell used to be a lawyer but made the switch to freelance journalism and copywriting. A bold move, yes, but also a successful one.

So how do you do this freelance copywriting thing, which looks quite easy but actually becomes pretty tough pretty quickly? Carswell wouldn’t give me all her secrets, but I did manage to snatch a couple of tips. Turns out it’s not just about the words.

“Spend time at the beginning of a project getting to know the client and understanding what they want, who their target market is and how they want their business to be presented,” she said. “Finding the right ‘voice’ is the real key to copywriting, and it will be different for every client.”

Bonus tip: “I have found that blogging has been a useful tool for attracting copywriting clients,” Carswell added. “Quite a few have come to me because they like the style of my blog and want me to liven up their copy.”

To find out more about Patricia Carswell, or to tap into her word skills, visit her website.


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