A Day In The Life Of… author Russell Blake

“I’ll get up relatively early, have coffee and breakfast, and then hop on my treadmill desk and begin writing after answering emails and catching up on my social media stuff.

“I’ll write for three or four hours, then grab a fast lunch, and then write another six or so, then break for dinner.

“Depending upon how much I’ve written (I shoot for 5-6K a day) I might continue writing, or if I’m where I need to be, I’ll do some more social media chores and then try to find some time to read. And of course, cocktails might also come into play around that point.

“That’s if I’m in a WIP. If I’m not writing a book, I’ll do an hour or two of social media stuff and then head for the beach, where margaritas and friendly natives abound.”

Russell Blake has released 21 novels and sold more than 13,000 books in March alone. For more on Russell Blake and some great advice on writing novels, visit his website.


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