Found a few fans? Write what they know

You’ve written a nice little zombie horror and, hey look, a handful of people have even bought it! Now’s the perfect time to get to work on that period romance that’s been rolling around your head.

Hold your horse-drawn carriage. If you suddenly find yourself with a delicate little fanbase that took a shine to your undead debut, it might be a good idea to resurrect that brain-hungry horde.

Take it from Russell Blake, who to date has released 21 novels (in 24 months – more on that jaw-dropper another time) and sold more than 13,000 books in March alone.

His latest is bio-thriller Upon A Pale Horse, about a group preparing to unleash a deadly plague. Before that came Blood Of The Assassin, an assassination thriller.

“I normally stay in the thriller genre, alternating between action/adventure and conspiracy,” he told me. “I try not to stray too far from that genre, otherwise my readers aren’t sure what they’re getting each time I release a book.

“I think consistency is key for readers. That’s one of the rookie mistakes many make – they try to write in different genres, which confuses the reader. They might have liked your first book but, if the second is in a different genre, they are apt to dislike it and never give you another try because you’re too much of a question mark in their mind.”

For more on Russell Blake and some great advice on writing novels, visit his website.


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